I highly recommend Dr. Zoe Schutz. Over the past thirty years I have gone to several Austin acupuncturists, and she ranks right at the top.She has addressed my needs concerning allergies, chronic pain, visual disturbances, cough, anxiety, and stress. Her method of inserting needles is painless and gentle. Supplements are recommended to take in conjunction with acupuncture. Other modalities are used as needed, including Microlight Electro Acupuncture, kinesio tape, magnets. She offers tissue mineral analysis using a small hair sample to identify deficiencies and remedy them. She shows how sinus rinses can be done at home to help clear out the sinus cavities. She is continually learning new treatments to help her patients. All of these are safe and without harmful side effects.

Dr. Zoe is easy to work with. She listens and tailors your treatment according to your specific needs. She is available by phone or e-mail when you have questions and responds quickly. Her word is good. She is cheerful, encouraging, thoughtful, a person of integrity. I have found her to be a key player in improving my health. Try her–you won’t be disappointed!


I was diagnosed with bursitis two years ago. My primary physician sent me to a specialist who sent me for a MRI. He said it showed I had bursitis. He tried a cortisone shot which helped for about five days. He then prescribed Ambien so I could sleep during the pain. He also told me that the bursitis would be a “nuisance”. The fact of taking sleeping pills and the extraordinary pain I was in being called a “nuisance” was not the answer for me. I began acupuncture with Zoe Schutz about six months ago. Since then, the pain has become almost nonexistent and I have been sleeping through the night without the Ambien. Zoe has helped me beyond what I believed was possible.


Zoe treated me for an old knee injury that was bothering me day and night. It especially gave me problems in the morning. After a single treatment I noticed that the pain was close to gone. In less than a month it was completely gone. Its been 3 years and not a single issue. I can’t say enough about it. Awesome.


I have been Zoe’s client for about a year. I’m in my 50’s and was looking for a way to stall the ravages of time on my face. She did one “face lift” treatment and the results were so immediately incredible it gave me a whole new way to think of beauty care. My skin is wonderfully wrinkle-free and people have noticed.


Zoe has helped my face tremendously. She’s been doing the acupuncture facelift, and I have loved the results. The bags under my eyes and my wrinkles have been significantly reduced; even my husband noticed the difference. My face continues to lift days after the treatment. I love the natural look.


After six month of trying different chiropractic and massage, I was suprised one acupuncture treatment made my back pain go away.


Many things have improved after going through Nutrition Response Testing. Now I have a much better understanding of all the foods that my body was not responding well to.